To overcome COPD choosing a health coach is a good place to start.  Your coach will help you to believe that it is possible for your health to improve. The coach will help you see past the obstacles and issues of COPD. Your coach will help you gain new awareness that will help in your battle with COPD. The coach will help you find your personal vision of what is would be like to maximize your health  potential while living with COPD.  The coach will help you come up with a strategy and then help you take action to overcome COPD.  A coach can help you through the process of choosing how  to focus your thoughts, the exercise you do and the food you choose to eat. The right coach could even help you stop smoking if you have not met that goal yet.  My coaching advice would be to  urge you to add good friends to your life. Starting with a pulmonary rehabilitation program would be a good place to start. Choose your coach wisely,  my coach was a  respiratory therapist who set up a program to maximize my potential to overcome COPD.

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