Walk To Overcome COPD

[contact-form] Walk to overcome COPD. Walking is the safest form of exercise, it gives the most benefits without too much stress on your body. Walking can reboot your life. No matter where you are in your personal journey to overcome COPD walking is the top weapon in your battle.

Walking overcomes the mental and physical problems of COPD. Walking improves the vascular system. Walking effectively fights depression. The Cooper Clinic did a study that found that three 30 minute walks a week were as effective as being on an anti-depressant. A study from the Cleveland Clinic says 10,000 steps a day is the goal to reach for everyone for the most effective health benefits. Some studies say the biggest benefits from walking come in the first 180 minutes a week. Walking holds benefits no matter where your are in your battle to overcome COPD. I have walked for 12 years, at the beginning I rested every 15 steps but I kept walking to overcome COPD.

All of us start at different places in our battle to overcome COPD. My fitness level was pushing a cart at Wal-Mart. I started my walking program with a coach, my respiratory therapist who set up an individual walking program for me. The goals were to maximize my potential. I pushed forward as I meet each goal, then I set a new goal, alway challenging the things as they are now. The thing that is good about walking, there is always the next goal, another benefit. That I would get off oxygen was not in my dreams at the when I started my walking program but I did get off oxygen by walking. I walk to overcome COPD. I urge and challenge you to take up your walk to overcome COPD.