Get This Elephant Off My Chest

I heard the commercial comparing COPD to having an elephant on your chest.  It is! It went on to state that COPD is a progressive disease that does not get better. We know this is a disclaimer to say the medications are not claiming to cure the disease but come on,  you can improve your health with exercise. My wife had already been pointing it out to me that everything she read about COPD was not communicating this life changing and powerful message “You can  regain your health with something as simple as a walk.

You have to get started. Go to respiratory rehab and start walking. I did not feel like it. I never feel like it. But I do feel like breathing, living, playing golf, taking my wife dancing.  I enjoy having a great life.

I use my medications everyday, I have COPD.  But, I walk everyday and I went from sitting on the sofa on oxygen to playing golf.  It did not happen over night.  But each improvement made the next improvement possible.

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